This is a personal opinion and whether these should be on the homepage or on the site at all is currently to be evaluated.

Transition Network initiatives are concerned to support positive actions towards a sustainable future by everyone in a community and direct action or (party) political activity is not part of that concern/process.

However, as a 65-year old, I’m hugely impressed by the actions and processes of the occupylsx (Occupy London Stock Exchange) group.

It is perhaps hardly surprising if this gets greater support from left-wing or liberal individuals but the ‘99%’ slogan is meant to show that this is for everyone (perhaps more than 99% in effect). You may disagree with their actions and conclusions but there is no doubt that their processes are a step towards ‘real democracy’. The underlying aims, besides ‘real democracy’ (including freedom of information and openness), are justice for all, freedom to participate, greater fairness and equality and an end to our systems which are destroying the future of the planet and future human beings. It is a movement which is supporting radical change and alternative processes, not bloody revolution. Without greater fairness, justice and freedom, there is no sustainable future.

I’d encourage everyone (the ‘99%) to follow their blog/website, read the minutes of their daily general meetings, join in their discussions/comments online, perhaps join their web-based irc channel, go along if you can. (Note their celebration this afternoon with musicians, singers, speakers). http://occupylsx.org

You could also join in here (by disagreeing with me perhaps?), adding a comment or reply or subscribing to/following this website.




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