“Carbon”, stupid!

Chiswick Transition’s screening of the ‘Age of Stupid‘ starring Pete Postlethwaite was, unfortunately, attended by only about two dozen people (in George IV, Chiswick High Road, with a capacity for about 150).  The film is very heavy on ‘doom and gloom’ and the probable (we hope) melodramatic exaggeration (near human extinction by 2055) didn’t really inspire or help to get the message across. This is a pity and leaves one wondering just how long we really have got.

Fuller report later, in the meantime consider your carbon footprint on one of these footprint calculators: http://uk.zapmeta.com/wsuk/aw1c800/carbon%20calculator%20UK/  or, just one example: http://www.carboncalculator.co.uk/effects.php

See also: https://transitionbrentford.wordpress.com/take-action/energy/  and avoid flying, driving, eating too much or eating meat (carbon footprint of affluent ill-health to follow).

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