Meeting Tue 27 March 2012

A further reminder for tonight’s steering group meeting tonight.
Transition Brentford – Steering group/General Meeting 7pm
Tuesday 27 March 2012, The Docking Station 108 High Street Brentford

Possible agenda with possible time constraints:

1. Introductions (say who you are). This meeting/agenda. Minutes (of last meeting), Chair/Facilitation – 5 mins?

2. Constitution (final thoughts, decision)  –  2 versions on the website; apart from minor corrections needed, the principal difference is unincorporated not-for-profit association (without formal trustees): Constitution(BrentfordTT)concise.doc  or unincorporated charitable association with formally appointed trustees: Unincorporated charity const (pdf)10 mins?  (to 7.20)

3. Where do we go from here?/Relationship with Syon Lane (and other local groups?) – 15 mins? (to 7.40) (not really discussed last time).

4. Communications! (inc. mailing groups, websites, facebook etc – feedback) – Can you also contribute to website/facebook?  15 mins?  (to 7.55)

5. Training. Becoming an ‘official’ transition group? (See also ‘branding’) – 10 mins (to 8.10)

6. Everything else – Add your own. ‘AoB’. Public meetings and issues?  Actions/Activism and Groups, Brainstorming – 35 mins?
(to 8.45)

7. Next meeting – venue, status and frequency. – 5 mins? (8.50)

Possible adjourn to Magpie? (is there a cheaper alternative?)

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