Chiswick Transition Meeting 16th April

Next Chiswick Transition Meeting (keeping up with the neighbours).
(Next Brentford Transition Meeting late April or early May? – to fix details of public event/meeting late May. In the meantime – outside Morrison’s, Brentford, Saturdays from lunchtime or Tuesday 1st May 7pm at Hounslow Green Drinks, Magpie, Brentford or Syon Lane Community Allotment, Sunday afternoons).

Chiswick Transition Planning Meeting Monday 16th April
Will be this coming Monday 16th April at 7.30pm at my place:
52 Hazledene Raod London W4 3JB.

We want to prepare for our next film show – George IV booked for Wednesday 16th May
To discuss future activities and
To take forward ideas from our last brainstorming event.

Everyone is welcome to come along and bring your inspiration and ideas!
Looking forward to seeing you here next week
Diane, Anna, Jon and Daniel

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