What does ‘activism’ mean and is this something Transition Brentford needs to discuss?  This discussion/email exchange  from Ben Brangwyn (a Transitions founder in Totnes) in respect of ‘activism’ and Transition Heathrow is a good starting point:

That article is linked to a discussion of the same topic on the Transition Norwich blog by Charlotte du Cann.  One of the comments on that is by Mike Grenville who writes as follows:

“Activism and Transition are just two different things – we need both, not either or. We just need to be clear when we are doing what so as to be most effective. Otherwise it could become our own personal trip and not for the larger aims.

We need direct activists to stand in front of things, we need Transitioners to build community and to plant things, and quiet background people to plug away within the system getting the rules changed and we need meditators to shift consciousness.

These address the three points that Joanna Macy says we need to do to assist the Great Turning: 1) resist destruction of the environment (direct action) 2) explore new ways of living (Transition) 3) change of consciousness (meditation and Inner Transition)

All these things that we are doing is part of the other super power, the coming age, as Paul Hawken has pointed out. If we all do what we are passionate about it all adds up.

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