Minutes 15 February 2012

Here are the set of action points from the most recent Transition
Brentford steering meeting which took place at the Docking Station,
Brentford on Wednesday 15th Feb.

– To consider the differences between a charitable unincorporated
association and an unincorporated (non-charitable association) between now
and the next meeting.
– Time to get the Facebook group going viral:
– Website: http://www.transitionbrentford.wordpress.com to be updated and
– Transition Brentford stall to recommence outside Morrissons on
Saturday 10th March from 12-3 p.m.
– Communications to be organised.
– The Crisis of Civilization film screening is this Saturday 3rd March
at the Docking Station, 7.15 p.m


There are now two key online communication channels for Transition
Brentford both using Google Groups.  These are:

– *Transition Town Brentford Announcements*.  This is for people who
want to be informed of upcoming events and activities about Transition
Brentford.  Only the list owner (transitionbrentford@gmail.com) or list
managers can post.  Regular subscribers can receive but not post messages.
You can join the group by visiting this link:

– *Transition Brentford Organising*.  This on-line group is for people
who want to communicate on-line with other people in organising Transition
Brentford working groups or projects.  Here all users can post and reply to
messages.   If you want to join this group, please visit:

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