Minutes 16 August 2011


Transition Brentford – Steering meeting – August 16th 2011

Present: Naomi, Raquel, Simon S., Andrew B., Andrew D.

  1. Transport in Brentford – Naomi suggests the possibility of a coach station near chiswick roundabout. To remove the need for journeys into central london (i.e. Victoria, Paddington). Action Points (investigation): Contact Thames Valley University, National Express, Megabus. A local bus stop can be used for quick pick-ups.
  2. Brentford High Street – Update from Andrew D. – A part time town centre manager is being employed. Funding has been granted for a light sculpture in Watermans park, cultaral events (including St Georges day market) and improving the quality of shop fronts. Information can be found at www.brentfordtw8.com . Contact through Julia Gwilliam.
  3. Cultivate London – Update from Andrew D. – The project has taken over care of a bed near Brentford court house, with the intention of growing vegetables there. For T.B. to contribute ideas contact Lea at Cultivate London, www.cultivatelondon.org . Suggestion for a community planting day organised by TB.
  4. Ballymore Development site south of Brentford High Street – Focus groups to plan the development will be advertised on www.brentfordtw8.com .
  5. Andrew D. suggests looking at http://wapedia.mobi/en/River_Brent and Isis developments study on the feasibility of hydroelectric power from weirs.
  6. Energy Discussion Forum – 27th of August is a bank holiday weekend and most people are going to be busy. Simon S. suggests talking about household power metres which tell you how much electricity you use. Simon M. will be promoting the event outside Morrissons sometime next week.
  7. Discussion forum for September – Andrew D. suggests Money – contact Transition Brixton about Brixton Pound. Simon S. suggests disscusing local issues, planning etc. Andrew B. suggests Transport – with a bike workshop and disscusion about Chiswick roundabout bus station. Simon S. suggests contacting Hounslow LCC, Cycling Club.
  8. Syon Lane Allotment Harvest Festival (September) – Date to be arranged – Andrew B. – We are looking for people to run workshops and play music. Contact: syonlanecommunityallotment@gmail.com . Simon S. suggests amplification would be available for live music. Andrew D. suggests choosing a date based on what’s happening elsewhere in Brentford in September.
  9. Funds – Simon M. (the spirit of) – Funds have been put into the bank account. Printer has already been purchased and installed, we are waiting for the ink system.
  10. Green drinks – Andrew D. Mentions meeting for drinks 1st Tuesday of each month at Magpie and Crown at 8p.m.
  11. Brentford Festival – Sunday September 4th @ Boston Manor Park – 12pm to 3pm – Naomi suggests contacting Virginia about a stall for T.B. We are looking for people to man the stall.
  12. The next Transition Brentford Steering meeting will be Tuesday 20th September 2011.

2 Responses to Minutes 16 August 2011

  1. Trevor Bending says:

    It may be worth noting (point 5. above) that Fulcrum Consulting’s conclusion with regard to hydro-electric power on the Brent was that this would contribute only a very small amount to the local energy supply. (http://www.brentfordlockwest.com/uploads/5235%20-%20Wider%20Brentford%20Opportunities.pdf 4.6, page 10).

  2. navasola says:

    With regard to point 4., the current news re Ballymore developments is at http://www.BrentfordTW8.com/default.asp?section=info&page=highstreet016.htm
    The situation in Ealing might be different but this article on ‘growth and development’ from West Ealing Neighbours’ website may be worth reading:

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