Minutes 20th September 2011

Here are the minutes as received from Andrew B.

Transition Brentford Steering Meeting

Minutes – 16th September 2011 (I believe it was 20th – Trevor).

Those present: Trevor B., Karen J. and Andrew B.

1. Trevor B. – Transition training course happening on November 19-20th, £110 each, possibly can be reduced to £55. (Two places reserved at £50-5 each – please see link on last post and book!  Trevor B. 17/10)

2. Karen J. sugests a fund raising party. Karen will speak to Terry of the Green Dragon Lane housing co-op about a venue.

3. Karen J. There is a possibility of St George Plc donating solar panels to GDL co-op in compensation for loss of light due to construction.

4. Trevor B. Reporting back on Transition Training course @ Islington Ecology Centre; effective groups: 4 stages of forming a group: forming, storming, norming, performing. It is agreed that T.B. Is still in the forming stage, and attracting more people is a priority.

5. Trevor B. suggests a 10 minute period of reflection on our work without an agenda would be beneficial to group development.

6. Andrew B. – Transition Brentford Eduction: people are wanted to lead transition related activities in local primary schools. Dawn E. and Karen J. have expressed interest. Update: Andrew B. is moving out of the area and will probably not be able to take part in these activites, but can be a point of contact for those interested: brackenborough@hotmail.com

7. Karen J. – Pensfold Field – Karen will send a link to Trevor B. for the T.B. Website

8. Trevor B. – Website – Trevor and Simon M. are able to send invitations to those interested in editing the website. Those interested should contact one of these people through the email addresses shown on the website.

9. Andrew B. From october 2011 to march 2012 Syon Lane community allotment will be open on the first sunday of every month and not every sunday as during summer. Keys are available from Andrew B. for £3.

10. Thanks to Karen J. for the nice cup of tea!

11. Next T.B. steering meeting will be October 18th 2011
(NB. This may now be 25th September at Waterman’s – see email from Simon)

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