Transition Network Conference

Transition Conference 2012

(Click on the image above for conference details and get the latest Transition Network Newsletter here: )

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Become an active travel champion!

Received from Kate Meakin of sustrans – please mail out to anyone in Hounslow who might be interested!
Would you be able to include details of the below in your next mail out to the group? I thought it was the type of thing that would interest some transitioners.

Thanks for your help

Become an active travel champion! We are looking for people in Hounslow who love cycling or walking and would like to help others become more active.

Champions give advice about walking and cycling and organise or support walking and cycling activities in their local community, workplace, university or school. They are given a full training programme and resources to enable them to do this and receive support from a Volunteer Coordinator.

Champion volunteer activities are very flexible and it’s up to the champion about what they do. There are no entry requirements you just need to be an active person (or want to get active) and be enthusiastic about cycling or walking. Hounslow champion efforts are awarded with gold, silver and bronze certificates and gift vouchers as a small token to recognise the effort that
volunteers put it.

Be part of London 2012. The Active travel champions project is one of the outstanding projects granted the London 2012 Inspire mark, the badge of the London 2012 Inspire programme which recognises exceptional and innovative projects inspired by the 2012 Games.

The first Hounslow induction will take place in Brentford on Tuesday 3rd July, 6pm – 8:30pm. For more details or to apply contact Kate on 0207 780 7201, [4]
Website: [5]

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Chiswick/Ealing events this week to 28th May

Just a copy/paste from Chiswick to spread the word – your opportunity to see Transition 2 film:

Chiswick Transitioners will be meeting on Thursday 24th May at Acton, Green Church Hall, Cunnington Street London W4 5ER at 7.30pm.
We will be planning 2 new projects to implement locally and need your help and enthusiasm. Whatever your skills you are welcome to come along and get involved.
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!
Diane, Anna, Jon and Daniel

Transition News Ealing and Film
Sunday 27th May: Ealing Transition are showing Transition 2.0 7.30pm and then having their AGM
Monday 28th May 7.30pm: Ealing Transition are hosting a talk entitled ‘Nature Deficit’ – by Matthew Firth, deputy director of London Wildlife Trust.
For more details please see:

(If that link breaks, copy and paste the whole thing or just go to the Ealing website at )

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News Roundup

No, not the weedkiller. For an idea of what’s happening in the Transition world, around the world and locally, it’s worth looking over our ‘backpages’ and the (local) links in the column to the right to find out.

See here for the latest Transition Network Newsletter. That led me also to this Transition Streets initiative which looks really interesting. For Heathrow, Chiswick, Ealing and other local groups, see the links in the column to the right.

In Brentford, there’s always something happening at Syon Lane but to keep us all informed of other events and actvities locally, it would help if some more of you could contribute that news to this website. Do it please! (See also our Food page and similar pages under ‘Take Action’ above). (And ‘here’, in Spain, it continues to rain without a break – for news of Transitions in Spain, see the Transition Newsletter above)


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Transport in London

Naomi Chadwick has asked us to bring her paper on transport in London and pedestrianisation from 15 years ago to the attention of all Brentford ‘transitioners’.

You can find it here: (and if you later click on the ‘Back to the contents page’ link at the foot of that page you will also find other items of interest).

Naomi has also offered to give a talk or presentation on this topic. Please consider this and let us have your feedback by leaving a reply/adding a comment below.


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Chiswick Transition Meeting 16th April

Next Chiswick Transition Meeting (keeping up with the neighbours).
(Next Brentford Transition Meeting late April or early May? – to fix details of public event/meeting late May. In the meantime – outside Morrison’s, Brentford, Saturdays from lunchtime or Tuesday 1st May 7pm at Hounslow Green Drinks, Magpie, Brentford or Syon Lane Community Allotment, Sunday afternoons).

Chiswick Transition Planning Meeting Monday 16th April
Will be this coming Monday 16th April at 7.30pm at my place:
52 Hazledene Raod London W4 3JB.

We want to prepare for our next film show – George IV booked for Wednesday 16th May
To discuss future activities and
To take forward ideas from our last brainstorming event.

Everyone is welcome to come along and bring your inspiration and ideas!
Looking forward to seeing you here next week
Diane, Anna, Jon and Daniel

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Useful links?

Where better to update/post from than Tavira Public Library – but I mustn’t miss the bus. (And yes, being here isn’t so eco-friendly – but it’s tipping it down after months of drought). Thought these coupla links might be of interest: – source for books relating to wind, solar energy and other topics (from Berkshire)  – a source directory for locally grown food. Pity about the clunky/slow web implementation but at least a good idea. Putting in a Brentford postcode brings up Hen Corner. Some of the other suppliers are somewhat pretentious with eye-watering prices – you pays yer money etc.

Will add some ‘pseudo-minutes’ by way of comment to last post re meeting later pending receipt of the real thing (Action Points) from Simon

Trevor in Tavira

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