Energy training day 31 March 2012

Hi there
My name’s Tom and i work at Friends of the Earth looking after our local groups in London. I’ve found your address via the Transition Town’s main website. I’ve used blind copy as I don’t like to share people’s emails without asking but essentially this email has gone a whole heap of Transition initiatives in London and further afield in the south east region.

I’m writing to invite you to a free community energy training day in London on 31 March.

It’s a training day for anyone considering setting up a renewable energy project in their community, or helping others to set one up. A chance to meet other people in the same boat and meet our experts who will take them through the process – from the big ideas to the nitty gritty of making it happen.

A flyer (PDF) with all the information about the day can be seen at

Best wishes

Tom Wright | Network Developer

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Economics/Money page

Economics/Money page updated here.

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Meetings 15 Feb/27 March and Communications

A general/steering group meeting was held at the Docking Station 7-9.30pm last Wednesday attended by Andrew D., Cyrille, Ian, Sara, Simon and Trevor.  Minutes from Simon now here.

The next meeting is to be at the same venue at 7pm on Tuesday 27th March when further discussion of the proposed Constitution and also Communications may be required.  Whilst we continue to use the transition brentford yahoo group, neither of the google groups seem to be used and I wonder whether we need them. (see the Contacts page).


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Draft constitution #2

A slightly (but not vastly) different constitution  to the one Trevor has proposed.  This adopts an unincorporated ‘charitable’ association model, rather than simply an unincorporated association.  In my view this has two distinct advantages:

1) it communicates the non-profit intent of the intiative more clearly; and

2) it may open doors to additional funding sources.

Download: Transition Brentford constitution – Draft – February 2012

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Draft Constitution

A possible draft constitution has been added to the post below for the General Meeting on 15 February.

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Enjoy the vegetable and herb bed in Market Place

Since November, local social enterprise Cultivate London in partnership with Brentford High Street Steering Group and London Borough of Hounslow (supported by the Mayor’s Outer London Fund) has been managing the plant bed in the centre of Market Place.

The bed has been planted out with vegetables and herbs.  Carefully labelled up with signs it introduces people to new food plants and how to grow them.  Designed on a grid layout it also provides a wonderful focal point to the town’s Market Place.

Cultivate London are presently contracted to manage the bed through to March 2013.  The frequency of changes will slow slightly after March 2012 given how the contract is structured, but it should remain vibrant and educational.

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Film 3rd March – let’s be there!

I (Simon) am organising a screening of a new documentary film called ‘The Crisis of Civilization’ to be held at the Docking Station (Brentford 108 High Street TW8 8AT) on Saturday 3rd March at 7.15 p.m
The film swiftly and decisively investigates how ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system.  It identifies root causes of the failing system challenging us as human beings to question of ourselves: ‘what we are going to do about it?’.  For more info please visit:
The makers of the film Dean Puckett, animator Lucca Benney and international security analyst Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed have generously agreed to attend the screening to answer questions after the film, after which we could have a group discussion! 
There are some posters available on the C of C website which we can print out to publicise the screening.

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Next meeting 15 Feb 2012

Next open steering group/general meeting at the Docking Station, 108 Brentford High Street) Wed 15 February 7pm.
Possible agenda:
1. Communications! (inc. websites)
2. Constitution (because we need one?/have a nearly there draft) Constitution(BrentfordTT)concise.doc
3. Where do we go from here?/Relationship with Syon Lane (and other local groups?)
4. Public meetings and issues?
5. Add your own (in the comment box below if you like).
PS. There’s another Transition Network initial (‘Launch’) training session near Arsenal tube on 12-13 February. It would be nice if one or two of us could go!  Also, I’ve added an ‘Economics’ page under Take Action).

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Call out for teachers and volunteers for Syon Lane Community Allotment


Syon Lane Allotment will be open every Sunday this month for renovation work, clearing brambles and tidying up the site ready for spring. If you would like to come and lend a hand directions to the site can be found at: .


We are planning put an emphasis on education at Syon Lane this year. With both an indoor learning area with space for 10-15 students and a large outdoor growing area we will be able to host lectures/lessons/workshops on subjects from food growing and nutrition to clay pottery and arts and crafts. These courses will be priced according to the experience of the teacher and all money will go to the teacher. If there is a subject related to sustainable living which you would like to teach please get in contact with us through the website address above.


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News from Chiswick

I’ve added the latest news from Chiswick to a ‘Chiswick’ page here.


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