Meeting Tue 27 March 2012

A further reminder for tonight’s steering group meeting tonight.
Transition Brentford – Steering group/General Meeting 7pm
Tuesday 27 March 2012, The Docking Station 108 High Street Brentford

Possible agenda with possible time constraints:

1. Introductions (say who you are). This meeting/agenda. Minutes (of last meeting), Chair/Facilitation – 5 mins?

2. Constitution (final thoughts, decision)  –  2 versions on the website; apart from minor corrections needed, the principal difference is unincorporated not-for-profit association (without formal trustees): Constitution(BrentfordTT)concise.doc  or unincorporated charitable association with formally appointed trustees: Unincorporated charity const (pdf)10 mins?  (to 7.20)

3. Where do we go from here?/Relationship with Syon Lane (and other local groups?) – 15 mins? (to 7.40) (not really discussed last time).

4. Communications! (inc. mailing groups, websites, facebook etc – feedback) – Can you also contribute to website/facebook?  15 mins?  (to 7.55)

5. Training. Becoming an ‘official’ transition group? (See also ‘branding’) – 10 mins (to 8.10)

6. Everything else – Add your own. ‘AoB’. Public meetings and issues?  Actions/Activism and Groups, Brainstorming – 35 mins?
(to 8.45)

7. Next meeting – venue, status and frequency. – 5 mins? (8.50)

Possible adjourn to Magpie? (is there a cheaper alternative?)

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Some events

Some events from Occupy London and other local campaigns:  – this weekend and scroll down to comments on that page for an article from Transition Shoreham in Sussex.  – explanation of why some people want to demonstrate at the Olympics  – related War on Want event this Saturday – further article about London 2012

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Watch the “Crisis of Civilization” documentary

Make sure you have a look at this freshly released documentary by Dean Puckett, featuring Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed.

[Free to stream online here:]

It offers a bird’s eye view of the critical issues mankind is facing and joins the dots by demonstrating the interconnected nature of these problems.  Taking the viewer on a journey, it gradually presents the links existing between climate change, soaring demand for rarefying energy, the limitations of our food production system, the deepening financial crisis and the geopolitics of fossil fuel which engender increased militarisation and terrorism.

It demonstrates that our current system of reckless neo liberalism which condemns us to endless growth and insatiable consumerism is the main driving force behind these imbalances and is reaching its limits. It also reminds us that the overewhleming majority of raw material and land ownership is concentrated in too few hands, presenting a key barrier to overcome.

It’s not all doom and gloom as it starts to offer some solutions based on localisation and decentralisation of our current models towards more community led actions.  Very much in line with the ethos behind the ‘Transition Towns’ movement.

All this presented in a creative and entertaining way, drawing from amazing archive footages from the Prelinger Archive ( and cool Terry-Gilliamesque animations by Lucca Benney.

You may not agree with all its views or conclusions but it has the merit of carefully sticking to reported hard facts  (that can be referenced on their website in the ‘learning machine’ section).

Although being impressively exhaustive I personally feel that it could have added a more optimistic note on human ingenuity in finding new ways of powering our world.  Such as Hydrogen power or new generation nuclear power using Thorium, which although still far from materialising could nonetheless prove to be gamechangers if we were to put all necessary resources behind it (the type of joined up effort that can put a man on the moon). 

Please watch and tell us what you think! Most importantly let this inspire us to find local solutions to make a difference, one initiative at a time.

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“Carbon”, stupid!

Chiswick Transition’s screening of the ‘Age of Stupid‘ starring Pete Postlethwaite was, unfortunately, attended by only about two dozen people (in George IV, Chiswick High Road, with a capacity for about 150).  The film is very heavy on ‘doom and gloom’ and the probable (we hope) melodramatic exaggeration (near human extinction by 2055) didn’t really inspire or help to get the message across. This is a pity and leaves one wondering just how long we really have got.

Fuller report later, in the meantime consider your carbon footprint on one of these footprint calculators:  or, just one example:

See also:  and avoid flying, driving, eating too much or eating meat (carbon footprint of affluent ill-health to follow).

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Is this political?

To consider this hot topic (coolly?) we have added a very wordy consideration under ‘Inner Transition/Politics’ as a sub-page of the ‘About’ page above. (Find the link/page yourself!)

This is followed by some links you might find useful in exploring the topic.  Please feel free to add your own wordy comments by way of reply and we will edit and publish these after moderation.

Trevor (a personal view not endorsed by anybody)

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Minutes, Occupy

Minutes from 15 February have now been added.  And here is a very interesting blog post about the Occupy London group, post-St.Paul’s eviction. (I think a fair view unlike the non-reporting from the BBC)

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Energy training day 31 March 2012

Hi there
My name’s Tom and i work at Friends of the Earth looking after our local groups in London. I’ve found your address via the Transition Town’s main website. I’ve used blind copy as I don’t like to share people’s emails without asking but essentially this email has gone a whole heap of Transition initiatives in London and further afield in the south east region.

I’m writing to invite you to a free community energy training day in London on 31 March.

It’s a training day for anyone considering setting up a renewable energy project in their community, or helping others to set one up. A chance to meet other people in the same boat and meet our experts who will take them through the process – from the big ideas to the nitty gritty of making it happen.

A flyer (PDF) with all the information about the day can be seen at

Best wishes

Tom Wright | Network Developer

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