Transition v. Occupy News

The new December edition of the Transition Network Newsletter can be found here:

I thought this article comparing Transition with the Occupy movement and occupylsx particularly interesting in terms of what we have in common.

Trevor (PS. can I have some more contributors, editors, subscribers etc.! – leave a comment below or subscribe to right)

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Avaaz for occupy

If anyone feels like investigating Avaaz with a view to supporting their support for the occupy movement, here’s a link:

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London Transition Groups Gathering with Rob Hopkins

London Transition Groups Gathering with Rob Hopkins 6.30pm Thurs Dec 1st – details here.

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Tree Planting at Green Dragon Lane – Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th November

Tree Planting at Green Dragon Lane – Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th November – 1pm until dark
Hazel or cob nuts
Next weekend we have 200 trees to plant on a dissused peice of land on
Green Dragon Lane. We’ll be meeting on the land which is alongside Green Dragon Lane oposite Cornish House (one of the tower blocks) at 1pm Saturday and Sunday.
The trees include Apple, Hazel, Elder and Blackthorn and our intention is to create a native British edible woodland in Brentford for future generations to enjoy. We have permision from Hounslow Homes who own the land, and support from the Woodland Trust who have supplied the trees, collars, stakes and instructions for planting.
There will be plenty to do for young and old alike, and no experience of tree planting is necesary. It would be great if you are able to bring pick axes, spades, drinks and snacks,..either, either, or. Look forward to seeing you there!
Andy, Kat and the rest.

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This is a personal opinion and whether these should be on the homepage or on the site at all is currently to be evaluated.

Transition Network initiatives are concerned to support positive actions towards a sustainable future by everyone in a community and direct action or (party) political activity is not part of that concern/process.

However, as a 65-year old, I’m hugely impressed by the actions and processes of the occupylsx (Occupy London Stock Exchange) group.

It is perhaps hardly surprising if this gets greater support from left-wing or liberal individuals but the ‘99%’ slogan is meant to show that this is for everyone (perhaps more than 99% in effect). You may disagree with their actions and conclusions but there is no doubt that their processes are a step towards ‘real democracy’. The underlying aims, besides ‘real democracy’ (including freedom of information and openness), are justice for all, freedom to participate, greater fairness and equality and an end to our systems which are destroying the future of the planet and future human beings. It is a movement which is supporting radical change and alternative processes, not bloody revolution. Without greater fairness, justice and freedom, there is no sustainable future.

I’d encourage everyone (the ‘99%) to follow their blog/website, read the minutes of their daily general meetings, join in their discussions/comments online, perhaps join their web-based irc channel, go along if you can. (Note their celebration this afternoon with musicians, singers, speakers).

You could also join in here (by disagreeing with me perhaps?), adding a comment or reply or subscribing to/following this website.




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No gunpowder for Guy Fawkes

‘Transitioners’ might not be ‘political’ and Transition initiatives do not perhaps support political activism – see previous post and elsewhere – but if you’re one of the ‘99%’ you might like to think what you are doing tomorrow at 2pm and consider being here. (this page from OccupyLSX mysteriously disappeared from their website last night 4/11. I have re-directed the link to their current post on the March. Trevor 5/11)


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Greek democracy

The Transitions movement is ‘apolitical’ in the sense that it has drawn support from right across the political spectrum.  (I doubt if there are very many ‘transitioners’ in the American ‘Tea Party’ but in Nebraska, conservative (ie. often Republican) farmers are united with climate change activists in opposing the proposed XL pipeline to bring tar sands oil from Canada to Texas – see here and search for Nebraska twice to see why the economics/politics are anything but simple).

But I wonder what conversations might be taking place in Cannes between the half-American Barack Obama (that well-known socialist, communist or pseudo-American according to some ‘Tea Party’ supporters) and the half-American social democrat (and HE WAS American born) George Papandreou?

It is unfortunate that George Papandreou (honoured by 14 countries, Spain twice, and numerous organisations) has fallen foul of the Greek economic crisis largely inherited from his predecessor’s centre-right government who were following precisely the policies of retrenchment now being advocated in Europe and protested in Spain, outside St. Paul’s and in Wall Street.  His decision to call a referendum was probably inevitable and maybe even astute (but no doubt the BBC will wheel out Nigel Lawson or somebody from the ‘independent think-tank’ Centre for Policy Studies (founded by Margaret Thatcher) to state otherwise).

Was Papandreou bullied by Sarkozy, Merkel and the bankers (as Obama has been compromised by Wall Street)?

Did it all begin in Greece?  Greece is celebrated as the home of democracy, civic society, science, mathematics, art and culture.  But in December 2008 riots were sparked in Greece by the police shooting (some would say murder, two police officers are serving life or long prison sentences) of a teenager.  These riots were undoubtedly also related to the economic and political situation in Greece and were followed by demonstrations (in sympathy) around the world – not least in Spain.  In May 2011 demonstrations by ‘The Real Democracy Now’ movement (‘los indignados’) began in Madrid and have spread throughout Spain and arguably throughout Europe and across the world.  These are sometimes said to be linked to the ‘Arab Spring’ movements which began in Tunisia in October 2010.  But it seems that ‘los indignados’ expect and hope that Greece will default – ie. not ‘refund’ the bankers.  Did it really all begin in Greece in 2008 or more than two thousand years ago?

George Papandreou is a notable and honourable democrat (and social democrat).  He helped formulate the policy for a new social Europe in 2006 and whilst this is a socialist agenda and Conservatives would not support their methods or routemap, few (even ‘liberal Conservatives’ like David Cameron) would want to dispute much of the key objectives it contains. (In fact, ‘Big Society’ Dave could almost have written many, though not all, of its 10 key objectives!)

Papandreou would almost certainly not be re-elected in Greece now but mainly because he is not ‘left-wing’ enough and the alternatives in a country, which has recently only been a democracy since 1974, scarcely bear thinking about in terms of quite probable bloodshed.
(Paradoxically I have added this post as an example of what perhaps we might NOT want here on the home page, but we should perhaps create a page for such elsewhere on the site – Trevor)

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Peak Oil again

Even if you’re a climate change denyer (some brentford transitioner associates??) maybe better not deny ‘peak oil’ (read all about it on the ‘peak oil’ page) – see this article (and its comments at the end) about a conference on the subject in the US today. (It’s a long read but note it’s not ‘nimsy-wimsy eco-terrorists’ but the American Military and Department of Defense that are cited as stating “by 2012, surplus oil production capacity (in the world) could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 million barrels per day” (Joint Operating Environment, 2008, 2010).


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News to the fore

I’ve been and done it. I’ve moved the ‘News’ page (blog) to the front. If you sign up as a contributor (start by ‘following – see box to right) YOU can contribute to this home page. (In fact, you can start right now by leaving a reply – on any page – or comment (below) which will appear after moderation in the first instance and subsequently immediately unless we decide to moderate comments more severely!).  What was the home page can still be found (extended) under ‘About’ – see above.

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Hello this is Andrew

Hello – welcoming Andrew Dakers as an editor to the site. Would all local organisers of transition groups look into also becoming contributors to the site?  Or at very least add your comments or leave replies to the posts and pages or sign up to follow the website/blog via the link in the sidebar to the right.


Trevor B.

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