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Meeting Tue 27 March 2012

A further reminder for tonight’s steering group meeting tonight. Transition Brentford – Steering group/General Meeting 7pm Tuesday 27 March 2012, The Docking Station 108 High Street Brentford Possible agenda with possible time constraints: 1. Introductions (say who you are). This … Continue reading

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Is this political?

To consider this hot topic (coolly?) we have added a very wordy consideration under ‘Inner Transition/Politics’ as a sub-page of the ‘About’ page above. (Find the link/page yourself!) This is followed by some links you might find useful in exploring … Continue reading

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Transition v. Occupy News

The new December edition of the Transition Network Newsletter can be found here: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/news/2011-12-01/december-2011-transition-network-newsletter I thought this article comparing Transition with the Occupy movement and occupylsx particularly interesting in terms of what we have in common. Trevor (PS. can I … Continue reading

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Greek democracy

The Transitions movement is ‘apolitical’ in the sense that it has drawn support from right across the political spectrum.  (I doubt if there are very many ‘transitioners’ in the American ‘Tea Party’ but in Nebraska, conservative (ie. often Republican) farmers … Continue reading

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Peak Oil

Sorry! This was supposed to be a ‘Page’ – I’ll leave both in place for the moment as a page can’t be tagged or categorised. I wrote about some of the key concepts and Joanna Macy’s the ‘Great Turning’ under … Continue reading

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