Economics and money

We don’t yet have an economics or finance group in Brentford Transition but Transitions is based on the belief that the present way of ‘doing business’ is unsustainable.  ‘Peak Oil’, climate change and the recent economic crises are not independent of each other.  For a quick three minute intro to why there is so much debt watch this video…

The ‘Occupy’ movement at St.Paul’s (and elsewhere in London, the UK and worldwide) is performing a valuable role, particularly in their ‘Tent City University’ programme, in bringing attention to the injustices and unsustainability of the current world banking and financial system. (The under-reporting and ignorant or malicious mis-reporting of their clear purpose, democratic methods and protest activities is unfortunate).

Every time you hear a politician extol ‘growth’ know that (in the long term) they, and the current dominating school of so-called ‘economists’ are insane, ignorant or malicious if not all three.

‘Neo-liberal’ monetarism is a dangerous ideology (like Marxism?) for transferring wealth from the haves to the have nots (a return to ‘Victorian values’?) both locally and globally.

To change things for the better, investigate and perhaps support or get involved with the occupy movement, ‘new economics’ and/or ‘green economics’ and  sustainability (as well as Transitions!) activities:

You might also find these resources and ideas stimulating:  includes info about ‘Zero Growth Economics’

Positive Money –

Brixton Pound

Thames Bank Credit Union – – (but note this is quite an expensive way of borrowing, at 26% as much as higher credit card rates – but much cheaper than the obscene %ages charged by ‘pay day loan’ companies like ‘Kangaroo’) – (one article about ‘Vulture Capitalists’ on an interesting blog with regular news from the London Occupy movement)

Fair Pensions –

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