Energy training day from Friends of the Earth, London 31 March – see here
We use a huge amount of energy everyday to heat our houses and power our appliances and gadgets.  Generating this electricity is actually the main source of greenhouse gas emissions ahead of transportation.

This not only costs the Earth, it does hurt your wallet too as already high utility bills will further increase as the cost of resources raises. There are very easy steps you can take to ensure you reduce your energy usage whilst saving yourself some money!


Visit the Energy Saving Trust for more information on how you could make sustantial savings.

We take this very seriously and several steps are taken to develop a local energy strategy.

Have a look at the local initiatives seeking to create a joined up energy generation policy:
Evidence base for Carbon Reduction Policies – London Borough of Hounslow – January 2010

Energy Strategy for Brentford (commissioned by ISIS from Fulcrum Consulting)

Hydro power – opportunities in Brentford

Energy efficiency and renewables advice
If you are a business visit the Carbon Trust

If you are a homeowner visit the Energy Saving Trust

This online carbon footprint calculator from the Quakers is better than most in giving a more transparent explanation. (Even more so if you download this paper version (pdf) and do the calculations yourself).

(Source: infographics from

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