Minutes 19 July 2011

Transition Brentford

Meeting minutes – 19/07/2011 – see also the notes with useful hypertext links here.

Present: Simon M., Karen J., Dawn E., Ieuan D., Rose, Kat C., Simon (boat), Trevor B. and Andrew B. (Apologies for not remembering other names)

  1. Discussion Forums – (Simon M.) non-facilitated meetings in which people can discuss issues.  Monthly. Potential venues: Watermans centre, syon lane allotment, st pauls church, Quaker meeting house, St george social centre, Redlees studios, St Pauls recreation ground. Action points: Trevor will enquire about Quaker meeting house
  2. Meeting notes – (Trevor B.) suggests meeting notes archive should be put on T.B. Website. Action point: Andrew B. will upload the documents sometime soon.
  3. Mailing list (Simon M.) A new mailing list will be set up in place of communityfoodgrowers@gmail.com. Warning messages will be sent out, and people will be able to subscribe to the new mailing list.
  4. Co-op bank account (Simon M.) – Sara N. is in charge of the account. £400 will be payed in sometime soon.
  5. Cars (Karen J.) – Car sharing scheme suggested for Brentford. Action point: those interested will research existing car share schemes and report back. Simon (boat) suggests advertising in Morrisons car park.
  6. Safe Cycle lanes (Simon – boat)  – Plans for 3m wide cycle lanes on Brentford high street. Suggestion to launch Brentford critical mass, those interested are Kat, Rose, Karen and Dawn.
  7. Art Projects (Dawn E.) – Suggests celebrating pagan festivals, arts, music and poetry. Earth firings.
  8. Trees (Ieuan D.) – Application to woodland trust is in process organized by Sara N. Suggestion to put a “suggest land” page on T.B. Website.
  9. Energy (Rose) – Suggests communal wind/solar energy for Green dragon lane, and for local schools and groups. Also energy generated from kids playgrounds (i.e. roundabout with dynamo attached). Trevor B. mentions government funded free solar schemes. Simon M. suggests discussion forum on Energy for 27th August 2011.
  10. Brentford Festival (Simon – boat) – Sunday 4th of September. Action point: think about what kind of stall/workshops we can do.
  11. Syon park walnut harvest (Kat C.) – A walnut harvest will be organized by Kat at some point in the next month of so.
  12. Edible Brentford map (Kat C.) – Kat C. is preparing paper map. The website map needs to be editable for anyone who visits the website. Action point: Andrew B. will look into making it editable and making the version on the site fixed.
  13. Fungi walks in Gunnersbury triangle (Dawn E.) – These walks are going on but may not be free.
  14. Workshops for Syon Lane Allotment (Kat C.) – people with any skills they would like to share for free are invited to contact syonlanecommunityallotment@gmail.com .
  15. Vertical Gardening (Simon – boat) – Potential for free vertical gardening workshops at syon lane or st pauls church. Action point: Simon (boat) will find out if the guy can do it.
  16. Engaging with local community (Trevor B.) – suggests that we should network through existing community groups such as faith groups and schools. Also sugested are Gunnersbury wildlife trust, Pensfold Field in Kew and Dukes Meadow Association.
  17. T.B. Education network (Andrew B.) – call out for anyone willing to run workshops for children either at syon lane allotment or in local schools. Dawn E. offers soil testing workshop. Karen J. offers pottery workshop, Simon(boat) offers bike generator workshops and Kat C. offers natural dyes workshops. Action point: Andrew B. will speak with Worple primary school and Syon and Isleworth high school and compile list of email addresses and phone numbers for T.B.E.N. (Dawn E., Karen J., Simon (boat), Kat C. and Andrew B.) .

Workshops can commence when schools reform in September.

Date of next meeting – 16/08/2011

Many thanks to Karen Jorgenson for tea and biscuits and to Green Dragon Lane Housing co-op for the use of their room.


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