Minutes 25th October 2011

(See also the Summary from Simon accompanying the minutes and copied to a post).

*Transition Brentford Steering Committee Meeting.  Tuesday 25th October,

Location: Green Dragon Lane Housing Co-op meeting room, Brentford.

Present: Naomi Chadwick, Andrew Dakers, Cyrille Pinson, Simon Moore.


– Regular TB steering meetings will be placed on hold until there is an
clear and present need for a general ‘steering’ style meeting.
– New email google group to be formed for ‘organisers’: those wanting to
assist with organising or facilitating any aspect of Transition Brentford
activities.  An open list.  Meetings about specific activities (E.G: film
screening organising will be arranged through this list).
– Local Brentford groups to be brought into the TB umbrella through
publicising their work on the website and linking in with TB activities and
core aims.

General discussion points:

-Suggested modus operandi of TB in the future.
-Extending the TB network.  Creating synergy with other local groups.

Recent email discussions with TB members about the future of the group where
ideas have been expressed about possible ending of TB initiative and
formation of new style groups.

The way forward…
If TB were ended it would make it harder for other people to continue a
similar initiative subsequently.
It would be wiser to continue with it but adapt it to the life situations of
A group where people can dip in and out depending on their time resources
and whether they want to.
General meetings could be placed at longer intervals perhaps seasonally.
Green Drinks (a monthly meetup of local green groups in the Magpie and Crown
in Brentford) could provide a useful hub for a informal TB meetup.
Other social/planning meetups could be arranged

Involving other groups…
– More can be done to integrate TB with the work of other groups and
acknowledge their activities and service to the community.
– Groups such as: Brentford Recycling Action Group, The London Cycling
Campaign, Cultivate London, FoE, Brentford Community Council, ISIS and so
– The activities of such groups can be publicised through the website and
each group can be invited to endorse the network publicly.
– TB needs to be the media, channel information and celebrate the work of
other groups.  Creating unity.

Other points:

We need a good logo for the website.
A technical website meeting will be planned shortly for sorting out the
TB can benefit from social networking: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so
Andrew Dakers has offered the use of Docking Station on the high street for
any meetings and film screenings.
All email contacts on the email group to be added to the Transition
Brentford public announcement list.

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